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My anger started with sadness. Bitter, painful, aching sadness. An old friend lost his wife tonight. I don’t know all the information. All I know is that there was an accident, with an 18-wheeler and she passed away. I can’t even imagine the amount of pain he is in tonight. Yesterday they celebrated her birthday. Tonight he is alone.

Now.. to the anger. Moments after her accident, the people driving past took photos with their phones. How completely rude and inconsiderate. What on Earth were they thinking? Oh, it gets better. They then posted these photos on Facebook. A small tidbit that you need to know is this is a small rural town, and everyone knows everyone. Can you guess what happened next? You got it! Her family saw them. Her family found out their beloved had died through a post on Facebook.

Someone please tell me there are laws in place to take care of people like this? Please tell me the people who recklessly posted gruesome photos of a deceased wife, daughter and Aunt will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

I just thank God that her husband is not a Facebooker and found out from the Authorities. Can you image the painful shock of looking at photos online, only to recognize a license plate, or the pattern of a dress fabric and to find out this mangled mess you are looking at is your loved one in their final moments?

Come on politicians… make a good, useful law. Make it a felony to post accident and death photos online. Heck, make it a felony to even take the photos. I want these cretins taken care of!


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