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Yesterday was my typical every other week BIG grocery trip. The one where I buy the main food stuff, cleaners, meats, etc. And once a week I hit the local Sprouts for produce, milk and the things we run out of regularly. But this one wasn’t to Sprouts.. it was HEB.

I have nothing against HEB. I like it there for the most part. It’s the only place I know where I can see a doctor, buy fresh made sushi, deodorant and a new BBQ grill.. all in one place. Seriously, this place is like a mall.

But that isn’t the point to this topic. The point to this topic is hard to explain.

Over the last three years or so I have changed many things about my life. I added a child, I added some health issues, I cared for a family, and the choices I make in the grocery store affect everyone I care about. My choices have to be well thought out or my family could suffer.

Let me explain. Last year I watched a documentary called Food Inc. It was very eye opening and .. well, it was horrible.
That is where my problem began. My problem: I just can’t buy the crap at the grocery store anymore. So.. I go to the store with $200 to feed my family, but only come home with $113 dollars worth of items. I WANT to buy the hot dogs and have a cookout in the back yard, but I just can’t get my hands to pick them up. I know what is in them now. I know how they are processed, I know a chemical in them has been linked to cancer. I KNOW this stuff.. and now I JUST CAN’T DO IT. I can’t feed my child those things. I CANNOT buy a Tyson chicken product to save my life. And don’t even get me started on Monsanto. Just the name of that company makes me want to vomit.

I cannot believe that the USA has allowed such horrible things to happen to our food. Not only our food, but the most (supposedly) natural basis to our food system.. our produce and our meat. SHAME ON YOU! Shame on our government, Shame on business people everywhere that support this type of production.

There are other documentaries and articles. Right now I am reading the China Study. I’m sure when this is all over with, I will move my family to a virgin piece of land and only feed them what I can grow sans chemicals before all the bugs eat it. We are all doomed.

Next time you visit the Evil Empire (what the Hubs calls McDonalds) consider watching Food Inc. first. You might change your mind about a lot of things. I know I did.

Visit your local Farmer’s Market!! Support local growers and humanely handled livestock. What you put in your mouth today WILL effect you tomorrow. KNOW what you are feeding your children.


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