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Did you hear Kim Kardashian got married? – Who is she and why do we care?
Did you hear Snooki lost weight? – Again.. who is she and good for her.

Where did we all go wrong? Why do we care that some person who became famous in a not so respectful way is getting married, on TV, and making millions for it while the rest of the world is suffering in the economic downturn. Why do we care enough to follow a TV show about dysfunction in society and think so much of these idiots to put one of them in the New Years Eve ball in Times Square?

There are so many other people or shows that I could talk about in this post, but to be honest, I just don’t care. I don’t watch the shows, or really know much about the people. I chose not to. I know enough to make my decision. I have enough drama, turmoil, happiness and life going on right here. I don’t feel the need to watch “reality” on television. But I have to admit, there sure are a lot of “reality shows” to chose from today, much more so than other more entertaining scripted shows. Have writers forgotten how to write?

What happened to the world? Why are people so absorbed into this false reality? Wake up people! Get on with your own lives, handle your own business, take care of your families and work on yourself.

My family doesn’t watch television. It is just a choice we made. We don’t spend the extra money on cable television channels, we don’t tune into local programming either. It saves us money, and we don’t have to deal with commercials. The only thing we subscribe to is Netflix. We can chose movies or television shows to watch when we want to, our lives aren’t set to the programming schedules. My child isn’t exposed to advertisements that might influence her choices, and we don’t have to see a gazillion commercials about fast food either. It is actually nice. Plus, no previews for the crap broadcasting that seems to be the norm right now.


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