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Cell phones are my biggest pet peeve. Seriously! But it isn’t really the phones that annoy me, it is how people use them.

This subject came to mind tonight at dinner. Sitting across the table watching my husband scroll through his new Craigslist (or Ebay) application. He was looking at classic cars (or houses or antique jukeboxes..who knows) on his phone at the dinner table. DRIVES ME UP THE WALL!! I chose not to say anything because we swore we would never correct each other in front of our child. It’s just one of our rules. Anyway, it bothers me.

What is America’s (maybe the world too, I just haven’t traveled enough to know) problem with needing to always be entertained or occupied. Why can’t we just sit and think, breathe, relax… communicate; without the use of an electronic device.

Think about it. When was the last time you called a friend just to chat, and weren’t doing anything else besides immersing yourself in the conversation? Most of the time when I call someone they are on the computer, working, loading the dishwasher, etc. People rarely make time to visit with others anymore. It is so sad.

Between text messages, social networking, emails, voice mail (and caller ID) we have been given the out. A complete excuse to not thoroughly communicate with other living beings. I can remember years ago when I was plopped back into the dating scene after a divorce. It was horrible. Things had changed so drastically since the last time I was single. I will never forget the first time I was asked out on a date via text message. Needless to say there ended up being no date.. and that became a rule of mine. If a person didn’t make the effort to ask me out on the phone or in person, I wasn’t going to make the effort to spend time with them.

By the time my child is of dating age, I might not have to worry about date rape, STDs or curfews. By then, they will probably just video chat from another country and all my nightmares about the teen years will disappear. But if this trend continues, in 10 years, no one will speak. And the English language, as manipulated and misused as it already is, will no longer exist. Everything will be written in some sort of computer code or undecipherable technical jargon.

I feel sorry for the future generations. I really do. They are missing out on so much.


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