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I have ‘friends’ in my life. Some are in my life more than others are. Some I don’t know how I ever had anything in common with.
Take lunch today. I spent upwards of an hour listening to the sexual endeavors of a ‘friend’. It was nauseating. Sure, everyone loves a good story of pursuit. But this was over the top and involved more than two parties. Maybe I have been married too long, but I didn’t find anything appealing about the lifestyle being described. I felt so happy knowing I have a steady man in my life.

Also, a few days ago, I am fairly sure I “broke up” with someone that I thought was a fairly good friend. There comes a time in life, where you just can’t support certain people and the life they lead. I was sad, I have to admit. But I know I am going to be OK. I just hope she gets her head straight. Once she realizes her decisions are all her own, she will be in a better place. Excusing behavior because she had a certain upbringing, or because of the weather, PMS or depression has to stop. She makes her own path.. and walks down it all on her own free will. Sadly she is leaving broken people in her wake and I just can’t sit there and see her break another man to pieces because of her selfishness.

I guess I am realizing I am pretty much friendless, and I am OK with that. It is better for me to realize this now, than to waste my time and energy trying to foster relationships that just won’t last. The funny part is that both of these people were friends in my past. And in the past, there was a falling out with both of them at different times. This was our second attempt at friendship. Sometimes its just best to leave well enough alone.

I have my family. That is all I will ever need. Sadly, both of these women do not have a family. Both have sworn off men at one time or another, or had relationships they just couldn’t maintain. And both are childless. I feel sorry for them in this respect. They don’t know what real love and true friendship really is.

Best of luck to them both.


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