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I am, per some special calculation, 5 weeks and 5 days pregnant. So much has happened in these few weeks. I can feel my body taking over and doing what it is meant to do. Things hurt, other things don’t, and overall I am just exhausted. I love it! I remember when I was pregnant with my daughter, I was just oblivious to pregnancy symptoms. I was just so happy to be pregnant and so excited that she was a surprise.
This time I have tried so hard and waited so long. My mind and body are so in-tune now. It’s like I can almost feel my body creating life. It is so beautiful!

This is my last pregnancy. I have given so much of my time and my life to create life one more time. I look forward to every moment of this pregnancy. Every twinge, every pain, every dry-heave, every aching muscle and every kick. This is mine and I deserve it!

Next week, I get to see this little one on screen. I am taking my daughter with me so the doctor can tell her that she will finally be a sister. She is going to be so excited!


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I’m Pregnant.  We did it.. Again.  Pregnancy number 7 is underway.  And this time, it is going to work out.  I was nervous at first.  Paranoid actually.  But things feel different this time.  

The most miraculous part of this… this was our last round to try to conceive naturally.  Next month we were slotted to go through an IUI, then call it quits for good.  So amazing. 

Monday, February 13th was when it started.  I was at work and feeling like I was going to hurl on my keyboard.  Then noticed the aching in my breasts.  My sinuses were annoyed and I knew, either I was pregnant or getting sick.  So, I ran to Walgreens at lunch and bought a test. Sure enough! Pregnant.  🙂  Such a beautiful little pee stick! I told my husband that night.  We were both cautiously optimistic, but knew the odds were against us.  

Each day that has gone by, things have changed.  I am full of good yet annoying pregnancy symptoms.  The pregnancy tests keep getting darker (yes I still test.. don’t judge!).  Things feel good.  Things feel normal for a healthy pregnancy.  I am feeling more and more optimistic everyday.  

The morning of February 14th, my 4 year old walks into the bathroom where i am standing at the mirror.  She reaches up and rubs my belly and say “is my brother in there?”  I had to take a step back to catch myself.  What a little crazy girl.  I didn’t tell her yet, but somehow she knows something.  I love that special little child.. my one beautiful child on Earth.

I am almost 5 weeks along.  Still so very early, but I look forward to the rest of this journey.  


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My blood is broken, or so I have been told. Two panels of testing have come back broken, but I don’t believe it. Those were both last year.

I went back today to get a 3rd opinion (I am not one who is easily convinced) and they took 14 vials of blood from my veins. I wish I could understand everything they are testing for, but I don’t understand it all. APS is the main one.. the one I have been told I have. Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome.. Hughes Disorder.. the syndrome that causes your blood to clot more than it should. The one that causes the tiny blood vessels leading to a newly formed placenta that is feeding a tiny growing human to clot, and eventually suffocate the growing child. The one that makes my husband grow more and more concerned about having another child, for fear he might lose his wife in the process. I HATE APS.

Hopefully in two weeks when I go back the the Hematologist I will get good news, that everyone was wrong and that my blood isn’t broken. I hope and pray that is what they find out. I want to be normal and I want to carry another child and bring that child home with us to be part of the family someday.

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