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After a week like this week, I am emotionally drained and in a funk. I promised myself I would find something good about today and climb out of this mental hole I am in.
On my way to work, I walk past a coffee shop. It is an awesome little coffee shop and I am tempted to walk in every day. I need to get back to eating better, so I swore I wouldn’t stop in for a morning coffee (with all the frills), but for some reason I just walked right in. I didn’t even think twice.
There were 3 or 4 people in there plugged into lap tops or readers or some sort of electronic morning news source. I walked up to the counter and was greeted by one of the ladies that is rarely in when I am in the store. I ordered my usual (though I don’t even know the name of it) and waited, all the while eyeballing the chocolate chip cookies in the case next to me.
About a minute after arriving there a woman came in and stood in line behind me. I moved over a little so she could see the menu board and share the counter. I caught a few sideways glances and managed a small smile in her direction. She was a little older, auburn hair and friendly eyes. And based on the greeting she received from the clerk, she was a regular as well.
My order was presented on the counter, and I slumped. It was not my usual order. The woman placed a cup of coffee on the counter, iced. And a jug of soy milk. It wasn’t what I usually received. I was confused and expressed my confusion gently. I am no coffee aficionado, and had no idea that what was on the counter in front of me was my usual order, just in two parts. Once it was figured out, and I was happy again, the lady next to me announced her order and informed the clerk that she would be paying for my order as well. Who does that?? I asked “why me”, and she said because she wanted to.

I have to admit, I nearly cried. In fact, later on I did a little (and I am tearing up just trying to type this out). I am an emotional mess this week, and some little random act of kindness just did me in. I don’t know why she felt the need to pay the $5 for some strangers coffee and breakfast snack. Did she see the pain in my eyes, or the hole in the knee of my pants and thought it would be something I needed. Or was she just paying it forward. Did she know money was tight and this little coffee treat was my last purchase of the ‘eating out’ type that I would do until next payday? Did she know that just yesterday I sat at my desk crying after writing my latest blog entry? Doubtful, but maybe she just sensed I needed someone to brush past my life and prove that people are good and kind, and to teach me a little lesson about being so self absorbed. Yes, my problems are big.. to me. But others have much worse to deal with.. much much worse.

Did I learn something from this Coffee Fairy? Yes I did. Thank you Coffee Fairy! I just don’t feel like the “thank you” I said in the shop was even close to enough. You didn’t just buy me coffee, you taught me something. I hope I run into you again someday, and maybe I can buy you a coffee too.

Now it is my turn. I will do my best to keep this good feeling going, and will be on the lookout for someone who needs a helping hand. Happy Friday to the Coffee Fairy and to all the lovely ladies at Star Co. Coffee.


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Webster defines disappointment like this:

dis·ap·point·ment   [dis-uh-point-muhnt]
1. the act or fact of disappointing: All of his efforts only led to the disappointment of his supporters.
2. the state or feeling of being disappointed: Her disappointment was very great when she didn’t get the job.
3. a person or thing that disappoints: The play was a disappointment.

1. failure, defeat, frustration.

I define it like this:

1. The act of giving everything I have, going above and beyond, being there at all hours, blood, sweat and tears, and a bag of chips… only to be used up and taken for granted.

2. Taking a position of respect only to be disrespected.

3. Being the best I can be only to be left out in the cold (or the rain).

4. Taking one for the team, time and time again without support or reinforcements.

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