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I would really truly love some input on this subject. What affect does a gallbladder have on weight loss. And.. what affect does missing a gallbladder have on weight loss.

I was reading this site: http://www.juicefasting.org/detox.htm
So, you get to Stage 5 in the reading and you see a bile dump performed by the one and only.. gallbladder. Well, that seems to be a very important part of .. well, expelling waste.

What happens to those of us who had it removed by some surgeon once upon a time because he thought he saw stones inside of it?


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Last night was the hardest so far in this trek for better health. I wanted to give up. I wanted to throw in the towel and go out for enchiladas. I wanted to just crawl in bed and sleep for 3 days. But I didn’t do any of that. And today, everything feels better. Easier you might say.

Yesterday looking at the finances, The Hubs and I talked about how expensive eating better is. And it is! I wish I could say that it wasn’t, but I would be lying. The cost of eating fresh/raw fruits and veggies (in juice form) can average 12-20 dollars a day. It is taking a financial toll on our very shaky budget. But we know it is for the best.

I have to say, the hardest part so far is the detox. The headaches came and went fairly quickly which I am very happy about. But the soreness was (I hope) at it’s peak yesterday. It was the worst feeling. Laying in bed last night tossing and turning just trying to find a comfortable spot to rest in. My legs were the worst (today it’s my back). Like the feeling of large bolts running through the marrow of my bones.. and then expanding. Not just the joints.. but the leg bones also. Now that I think about it.. the worst spots were where I have had fractures in the past. Hmmm… strange.

But I am in this for good. This is day number 11 I think. But to be honest, I have lost track. Lets just call it 11 days. So, 11 days of raw fruits and veggies for the most part, and day 4 of a raw fruit/veggie juice fast. My body doesn’t even miss the process foods I used to feed it. I don’t know how long the juice fast will last. Possibly a few weeks, maybe a few more days. Or maybe I will alternate food and juice. Each day is a new day.. we shall see. Lets just hope the pain goes away soon. I look forward to feeling better 100% soon.

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It’s after 11pm, and I am sitting here at the office trying to get something done. I am coming down with something though, and feeling very sloooowwwwwwww.
I made a few changes today. (Yes, we are back on the baby making topic) After the work day (8am to 6pm) was over I went and did a little grocery shopping. Food stuff. When I got home, I removed at least half of the crap I already had in my cabinets and refrigerator and replaced it with my more healthy choices that were bought today.. then I cooked a store bought pizza (I know.. not the best choice)
When I got back to the office this evening, I emptied my desk drawers of all my snacky stash. Kudos bars, salty peanuts, chex mix, peanut butter cookies (LOVE THOSE) and some random snack crackers. I never realized how deep my desk drawers were. Anyway, in the place of all that I put sunflower seeds, cashews and popcorn.. all sans salt. Then I enjoyed one last cookie for old time sake. No more junky junk for me.

Tomorrow I start a new journey. The one where I rid my body of the things making it sick. No more gluten, no more dairy, no more processed food garbage. I am done being the slightly overweight and majorly miserable. I want my life, body and health back.

Over the last few years there have been so many issues that have shown up. I went from being (so I thought) a healthy, active woman to this person with all the health problems. It all started with my Hub’s egg salad sandwiches. He made them all the time, and I loved them. But over a very short period of time, they were making me more and more sick. Jumping to right after Buggie was born, it was chicken that did me in. The first time it happened, I had eaten out. I actually called the restaurant and complained that I had received food poisoning from their food. I was horribly sick, and my face turned colors I had never seen before right before I passed out on the bathroom floor. Again, soon I became aware it was more than a bad case of salmonella.. it was me.

Next came beef, then bread, all dairy, etc. For almost 9 months, I ate nothing but baked fish and veggies. They were the only safe options.

I don’t know why I didn’t see a doctor and get tested for food allergies sooner than I did, but I chose not to. When the Hubs and I decided to try to conceive again, we tried for what seemed like years (and now it has been). We tried everything, and finally we were referred to an RE (Reproduction Endocrinologist). She tested us for everything under the sun, and we came out clean and problem free. But we still weren’t pregnant. Then finally the magic happened.. we conceived. And then we lost the pregnancy fairly quickly. We were devastated. We had waited so long for this. We tried again as soon as the doctor gave us the OK, and amazingly we conceived again, right away. This time, I went in for all the testing, monitoring, beta blood draws, etc. The blood work was looking good, my HCG was climbing, and around 6 weeks we were able to get an ultrasound done! The heartbeat pulsed on the bottom of the screen and we thought this is it, our baby is going to be fine. Two weeks later, we said goodbye to our little bug. Something wasn’t right. There was a heartbeat and yet we lost him.

The OB called me in for a blood draw; a big blood draw. 9 vials of blood to test for all sorts of things. It was a little scary. Sometimes there are things you just would rather not know. But all my test results came back fine, except one.
I was diagnosed with APS (Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome). It is a mouthful, but really just means my blood is super thick and clots easily, putting me at a high risk for blood clots, stroke, … and recurrent miscarriage. So, an answer!
We went on to get pregnant one more time, and I was treated from day one with blood thinners, and had a Maternal Fetal Specialist monitoring my progress regularly. Unfortunately this time the blood work showed a poorly developing pregnancy. At my age (36 for those who care) it’s a common thing, and I just had to accept that that pregnancy wasn’t meant to be either. So, that makes six pregnancies. Two angels left my body years before my Buggie was born, and three since. We haven’t tried again since New Year’s Eve 2011, when Angel #5 flew to heaven. We will try again soon.

Oh, and I finally got the food allergy and sensitivity panel completed. Guess what they said.. Celiac Disease. LOL Come on, seriously?? I got a 2nd opinon on that one, and a 3rd just for good measures. It was confirmed.. Lovely!!

So.. to sum it all up, this is where my ‘get my health back on track’ mission comes into play. I have spent a great deal of time down in the dumps the last 3 years, and gained some weight because of it all. This isn’t me. I want the old me back, and my Buggie deserves to have me at my best. So here goes! As of tomorrow sugar, dairy, processed foods, gluten and anything else that is horrible for me is history!

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